AIA is a collaboration with the slow fashion designer Libe Sagarzazu, Kapen. The project is rooted in the Basque Country, arising from the foothills of Stone of Aia, which marks the birthplace of both of us. Inspired by this natural spot and the commitment to respect the environment, we have created a limited edition collection produced from start to finish in the Basque Country with tremendous care and attention to detail. From an original painting made on canvas by me, its printing onto organic linen has been made in Bilbao. Following the cutting-pattern designed by Libe, the garments that comprise the collection have been knitted in Donostia. 2021


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collaboration with otxangoa  2021

Painted one by one, each pair of espadrilles is a unique product. They are made from recycled denim, customized and sewm by hand.


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Credit photo: @salty_view

collaboration with berria newspaper · Trixertak 2020

Designs made for Berria newspaper, with topics realated to current news.

lipedema eta ni

Design made for @lipedema.etani to make more visible lipedema disease that today affects 20% of women.

personal work 2019

The designs deal with themes such as feminism, meditation or the mimetization with the environment. Screenprint made at Contraste Studio, Donostia 2019.