Customize an artwork to your  own style.

Whether you´re decorating the walls of your own residence or styling your client´s space, custom artworks are made to your choice of color palette, size, material and style. Commissioned pieces can be digital illustrations, painting, sculptures or murals.

How does it work?

1. Gather inspiration. 

Select a range of visual references from my own past works  ( My Instagram profile is a good place to start), or if you already know what you´re looking for, just let me know by filling the form below: Tell me about the concept, color and feelings. 


2. Drafts & Process.

 Once agreed on a design briefing, I will start the drafting process (usually takes me 4-6 weekdays). A solid digital proposal is sent for approval along with a recommended color variaton to choose from. Please note that in order  to start drafting, a downpayment needs to be covered. 

 3. Process shots.

Once the draft is approved, painting comes next. Painting a medium-sized canvas takes around 2 weeks to be fully completed, this time frames will very depending on the specs of the piece to be produced.


Approval & Delivery.

Once the final piece is finished, one last picture is sent for approval. After this, the artwork will be packaged and shipped to your place like a certified shipment. The shipping process take 3 to 5 days to be shipped after final payment is 100% covered.




 Commissions come with a contract signed by both parties specifying every aspect of your custom artwork as well as processes, timeframes, shipping information, etc. 


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.